My Setback is my Ultimate Comeback!

This past Monday I had knee surgery. I had put off this surgery for way too long for fear of losing any progress and strength I had gained over the course of this journey.  Over the past few months my workouts have become increasingly painful and my knee was progressively getting worse. Although the elliptical and I became great friends, squats and lounges were becoming my enemy! One of my worries was how will I continue to build up this booty if I can’t drop it like a squat?!? Someone said to me, “With everything that is going on in your life, now is the time to just stop and heal across the board. Now is the time to take care of you and mend so that you can be made stronger and go so much further.”

I had to stop and really think about that. Often we keep pushing ourselves half broken, running on a ¼ tank going in a million different directions never allowing ourselves a minute to rest only to hit a brick wall and burn out. I realized that now was the time! Any deadlines that existed were ones that I had created and ones that can easily be renegotiated.

So here I am on Day 4 of recovery. Knee surgery is definitely not a walk in the park and there were some super painful days however I’d like to think my stubborn attitude, resiliency and drive to get back on my workout grind is helping me on the road to a speedy recovery. Although I can’t workout at the moment there are still things I can do that are still moving me towards my goals.

Here is a look at what I am doing to stay on track with my goals while I am unable to work out:

·         Focusing on eating clean – Laying around can present the challenge of wanting to graze like a cow out to pasture. Prior to surgery I stocked up on veggies and fruits to munch on.  I have some roasted veggies I can eat throughout the day in addition to meals that can easily be thrown together by anyone (such as a bean burger with avocado and some veggies on the side or a side salad).
·         Drinking ½ my body weight in water – Hey, with nothing but time on my hands I can sip on water all day and hop to the restroom as often as I need to! The water is also helping to flush out all these meds from my system and keeping my joints lubed. The bathroom runs can be viewed as physical activity for the day!
·         Keeping my eye on the prize – With so much time on my hands the mind can get idle so I feed my mind things that keep me motivated while I am bed bound. I’ve been researching workouts to strengthen my knees in addition to reading about Fitness experts/ athlete’s that have overcome physical limitations and injuries. I also started reading about chair workouts I should be able to start doing next week which can help to keep me strong and keep my muscles working.
·         Formation – No, I am not talking about Bey’s Super bowl formation!!! I have been watching tons of You tube videos on proper form when working out. Form is so important not only for best results but also to prevent injury. I want to ensure I have it right when I get back to it!

See, although I initially thought this surgery was going to be a major setback the time out is gearing me up for one heck of a comeback!! Anything that life may throw your way has the opportunity of creating a stronger and better you  - it’s all based on your perspective, drive and attitude!

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