Let It Go!

As I recover and I find myself with a lot of free time on my hands. I have been catching up on a lot of programs and one in particular really grabbed my soul. My 600lb Life has become my favorite series. I enjoy this program because I am amazed with just how much the body can handle, the ability the body has to snap back and I am intrigued by just how much our minds are involved in this weight loss journey.

In watching this show I see how we allow our minds to sabotage us. We allow ourselves to become prisoners of the past, past hurt, disappointments and injustices. For some the mind becomes the captor and they become the victim forever locked away by the demons of the past that still haunt them in the present.

There was a particular episode that lead me to an “ah-ha” moment. There was a lady that had not stood up in 2 years she was so afraid of standing that she refused to try after numerous attempts and with assistance. She kept saying that she just couldn’t do it and that her legs were too weak. While it is true that her legs were probably weak she failed to see was that there were numerous people there to help her and equipment was there to ensure she would not fall. She was allowing fear to stop her from progressing.

Fear is what holds a lot of us back from reaching our goals. Some people are afraid of what they might look like once they reach their goal. Perhaps they are afraid of excess loose skin then again maybe because of past experiences they are afraid of the attention they will receive once they reach their goal. Some people are afraid of what will happen if and when the goal is met. Perhaps fear has you paralyzed because you do not feel adequate. Fear could be preventing you from taking a leap in the right direction because once you take the leap success soon follows and believe it or not, many people are afraid of success.

In order to progress on any journey in life and successfully reach your destination you must first address any fears and lay them to rest. This requires a serious one on one with yourself to understand not only what your fears are but also understand where these fears come from – what is the source? Once you find the source of your fear you can now work to deal with the real issue and in turn you will free yourself from the fear that is holding you back from becoming your best self!

Be strong, be courageous and face your fears head on, deal with them and then just, “Let it go!”

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