Make Your Mind Over

If you don’t change the way you think, you will never change the outcome you receive.

Have you ever set off on a new endeavor and you are feeling eager, anxious and focused on the end result? You start off with a brilliant plan. Day 1: rise, review the days to do list and start knocking things off like the beast you are. You are feeling so successful and proud. Day 14 arrives and you can’t help but feel like something is different. Today you just don’t have it in you! Today you are wondering why you set off on this journey. What were you thinking? You have 50 million things to do and this is just one more thing that slowly it finds its way to the bottom of your priority list and eventually of the list completely.

What happened here? What started off as a great idea quickly lost its value in the sea of responsibilities and obligations. We become so focused on the administrative aspects that we overlook one important step. Adjusting and acclimating our mindset to what we have plotted out. Once we set our minds on the goals we have written down then those goals remain a priority and stay in the forefront among the barrage of chaos, unforeseen occurrences and bad days.

See if we stay with a doubting mentality then of course we will never taste success! If we think the impossible is impossible guess what? It always will be! Our minds, believe it or not, dictate our outcomes. How many times have you set out to reach your fitness goals only to land in failure alley? Have you stopped to consider why?

It’s because you never adjusted your mindset before you started working towards your goal. It was cute at first and sounded good. You went ahead and purchased your gym membership, brought clean food, new kicks and gear to look cute in while working out, and then it hit you. You realized you actually had to put in consistent hard work day in and day out along with sacrifices and your mind quickly said, “Nope! Next..” Had you adjusted your mindset you would of known this road ahead was not going to be easy, there would be obstacles and roadblocks ahead, days you wanted to give up and give in and days you would slip. Had you adjusted your mindset you would have been prepared for all these woes and had a plan of attack ready in the event they reared their head.

If you are looking to change your outcomes I encourage you start today with changing your mindset. Need tips on how to do that? Check out my blog Mindless Meandering

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