Mindless Meandering

It’s Sunday, we have sprung ahead (that’s right we lost an hour last night!) and for some we are using today to Meal Prep, get our gym bags ready and finalize our workout schedule for the week ahead. All the above are great and indeed necessary to reach our fitness goals, after all we have all heard if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. However there is one thing missing!

I could care less how balanced your meals are, how aggressive your workout schedule is and how cute you are getting ready to look for the workouts (I mean who doesn’t coordinate their workout attire to their sneakers after all this ensures you are going to have the greatest workout ever, right?!). You see if your mind is not in the game then all these time consuming elements are worthless, pointless and a complete waste of your time.

As En Vogue would say, “Free your mind and the rest will follow.” I know, I just took you back and now the song is stuck in your head! See, if your mind is not in synch with your goals then you might as well be up a river without a paddle. For those not familiar with that phrase it means that you are in an unfortunate situation, you are unprepared with no resources to remedy the matter – you are out of luck! The mind is one heck of a powerful force, it can either empower us to move towards our goals or it can hold us captive in the realm of misery and the land of can’t, won’t, don’t and not good enough and cause us to become stagnant.

They key is to learn how to train and control your mind. We have all heard the saying, “It all begins in your mind. What you give power to has power over you, IF you allow it. Notice that give is mentioned, give is an action - it is something you willingly do. We have choices for the week ahead. Although we cannot control the unforeseen occurrences that befall us all which can cause us to feel sad, disappointed, and even feel like we have been uppercutted by life. We do have a choice in how we allow the unforeseen occurrences to affect our mind which in turn has a direct impact on how we execute our goals this week.

This week I challenge you to stay focused on your daily goals while you fight to keep your mind in the game. Here are some ways to control your thoughts and mind so you can stay on track with your goals:

  • ·         Feed your mind positive food: read uplifting books/ magazines, listen to   TED talks about success and goal planning.
  • ·         Follow people that motivate you on Social Media (you can find me on IG:   SFierce22 or thestacyfierce.blogspot.com - shameless plug J)
  • ·         Focus your mind only on the things you can control
  • ·         Meditate to clear your mind
  • ·         Stay active - physical activity stimulates brain chemicals that can leave   you feeling happier.
  • ·        Keep visuals - having your goals in a place that you can see daily is a       constant reminder for your brain to stay focused.

Remember feed your mind and the rest will follow!!!!!!


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