Meatless? Who Me?!

Yup I decided to go meatless! This decision was not based upon a documentary, a celebrity's opinion or a trending fad. As conscience as I was about my meat day meals I was left feeling bloated, mentally foggy and over all exhausted. I couldn't understand why.

Prior to making the switch to a meatless lifestyle

I did a lot of research about food and the effects on the body. Non of this was shocking as I've always been aware of this in addition to how foods can help heal us. Now was time to implement what I've always known along with newly gained knowledge.

I jumped into my first week incorporating both raw vegan and vegetarian meals all serving a purpose, eager to see how my body would react. The first thing I noticed was the withdrawal like effects. Oh my, the headaches and feeling of needing something I couldn't put my finger on was so overwhelming, not to mention an overall feeling of irritability. Next was the constant elimination! I was not ready nor expecting that. I was not deterred, in fact, I was interested in moving forward to see what else my body had in store for me as I stripped away years of damage caused by eating the wrong foods. 

Fast forward to a major Ah-Ha moment. I have struggled with endometriosis since the ripe age of 18 which has caused excruciating cramps and very heavy cycles. I basically feel like I'm giving birth each and every month! To my surprise this past month was a walk in the park! I lie to you not, this was the first month I didn't have to take pain killers or pull out the heating pad to ease my cramps!!! This is major!!!!!! Oh and the moodiness and PMS symptoms were non existent as well. However this is not the only benefits I've been reaping since going meatless . I've also noticed my energy levels have naturally increased - I haven't taken a pre work out for my evening workouts in weeks. I haven't even grabbed an afternoon espresso shot to get me through the afternoon slump. 

I could go on and calling out all the great things I've been feeling and noticing however the bottom line is the effects are different for everyone and you can't begin to understand until you take the step yourself. 

I encourage you try it for at least a week. I'm sure you are wondering how do I do this? How do I build out meatless meals? What am I suppose to eat? No worries, I got you! 

In my next blog I'll share tips on how to transition into a meatless lifestyle as well as how to build your meals so you are not left feeling like something is missing and how your meals should serve a healthful purpose. 

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