Eating Clean: How and What?

Eating clean - What is it? 

It’s about eating more of the best and healthiest options in each of the food groups. 

It’s embracing whole foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains, plus lean proteins and healthy fats. 

It also involves cutting out refined grains, added sugars,  reducing salt and unhealthy fats. 

Tips on how to take on clean eating:

1 - Stop eating processed foods! These foods are full of excess sodium fat, sugar and other harmful ingredients


 - Educate yourself about what you are putting in your mouth by reading food labels. 

Good rule of them  - if it an ingredient

has “ose” at the end of kindly put that item back on the shelf. For example glucose, fructose, maltose, etc all refer to sugar. An excess of sugar will turn into FAT! We are working to lose fat NOT add on more! 

2 - K.I.S.S IT! Keep it simple silly!! Save yourself the time of spending hours in the grocery store by reading tons of labels. Shop on the perimeter of the supermarket. Here is where you will find all your fruits, vegetables and lean meats  - do not get sucked into the labyrinth of food choices in the isles that only want to make those thighs thicker, that waistline larger and your heart weaker

3 - Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready! To avoid making the wrong choices and grabbing the first thing you see be prepared and take out the guess work of what’s for lunch. Meal prep. This does not need to be an all day project, breakdown this task into what is manageable for you. On Sunday prep all meals thru Wed and then Wednesday prep meals for the rest of the week. Pack your lunch bag with all your meals for the day and a few extra snacks in the event you get stuck out a little later than you anticipated.

Also keep emergency snacks on deck at all times! Keep them in your office, in your car, or purse! Examples are raw unsalted nuts like almonds and walnuts. You can even keep some protein shakes on deck (watch the sugar in them) 

Be Uncomfortable, It's OK

Everything that requires growth will cause some level of uncomfortableness. Some stop the minute they encounter it, others just quit altogether and there are some that slowly ease along it. 

The reality is if you run from it you are choosing a life of stagnancy and mediocrity. You are deciding that greatness is just not for you. You are telling yourself that you are not worth the the end result! Is this really what you want for yourself?

You see, if you endure the "uncomfortableness" you will elevate to new heights. You will experience self gratification and a sense of achievement. 

The key to surpassing this stage in the game is acquiring a spirit of sticktoitiveness. Stick to the plan, trust the process and do not allow yourself to be derailed!! 

These words were inspired by my current journey. It's hard at times, I want to quit and I get tired both physically and mentally however the end result is something I crave with all of me. I see my goal so clearly and its within reach only if I do not give into the uncomfortableness and push pass this stage. 

I salute all those reaching for higher limits and pushing pass the pain and the uncomfortableness and fighting to reach your goals. May you continue to be strong and push forward! 

What Are Your Weekly Goals?

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Are you busy wishing upon a star or are you ready for change? 

In order to make a change you have to put a plan into action. It doesn't have to be complicated either. 

First,declare your overall goal. Next create daily, weekly and monthly goals that will help you reach your overall goal.  Lastly, stick to your plan and don't make excuses for yourself along the way! 

Here's an example of my goals for this week: 

1- Meal prep on Sunday and Wednesday
     (Clean meals only)
2 - Drink 1 gallon of water a day 
3 - Workout 6 times this week 
4 - 45 min of relaxation each day (clearing the mind is so important to keeping balance). 
5 - lose 1.5 - 2lbs this week 

Each day I review these goals I jotted down in my planner and check them off as completed. 

It's very true if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! 

Here's to your weekly planning and crushing your goals. 

Stop Overcomplicating Things

If you are starting out on your weight loss journey food is just to nourish and sustain you. Once you get a hold on your relationship with food and move forward with your goals you can then add  things here and there. Trust me when I say initially just keep it simple!  

Eat 5-6 meals a day (eat every 2.5 - 3 hours) that consist of lean protein, veggies and healthy fats. Incorporate complex carbs in with some of those meals according to your day and workouts and get in a gallon of water a day!
Trust me there is no secret nor complex formula - just keep it simple and consistently eat clean. Bon appetite!!! 

Goal Planning 2017: Be Consistent

By now everyone is awakening with zeal to attack their 2017 goals. Sadly statistics show that most people give up on their New Years Resolutions by February. Will that YOU? 

To ensure you do not fall into these statistics there are two simple things you must remember: 

1 - Create realistic and attainable goals.
2 - Be consistent 

For me personally, consistency can be a real stickler. Between working full time, Grad school, being a full time mom, blogging and coaching, life can seem to be on overload almost all the time. At times it feels like I'm running on fumes. Is this an excuse for not reaching goals? It definitely should not be! The key is balance and time management. 

I have learned that it is ok to be selfish with my time and allocate blocks of time to my priorities of the day. Time management is critical to staying consistent. As far as my fitness journey I have found it uber important to book my workout time and to stick to it! No matter what! That time has been set for ME, it's time I'm investing in becoming better, healthier and stronger and nothing can override that time. 

How can you be consistent in reaching your goals?  

1: Create a plan and a schedule 
2: Be prepared 
3: Don't give up no matter what
4: Always have a back up plan (unforeseen events happen to us all!) 
5: Remind yourself daily (preferably upon awakening) of your daily goals and the schedule you set out
6: Don't delay 

Don't Get Bamboozled

The time of year of reflection and projections is upon us. News Feeds and Timelines are about to be filled with grandiose plans and goals for the upcoming year.

Todays thoughts are not about how to create S.M.A.R.T goals (sorry if you were looking for real earth shattering steps to help you achieve the millions you just knew you were going to get in 2017 - keep searching the Internet it's full of that sort of content). This blog is all about saving you from crying your eyes out 12/2017 because you didn't accomplish what you claimed during the 2016 New Year New Me hype (maybe like this year.)

Whether your goal is to finally get fit and lose weight or to get rich my biggest piece of advice is not to get bamboozled

There are so many gimmicks, schemes and traps that exist today that you have to be watchful of and safeguard yourself. 

To make it easy for you, if your 2017 goal is to lose weight and get fit, tune in because I am about to share some earth shattering, life altering, fool proof advice. 


#1: Eat Clean (eat every 2.5 - 3 hrs) 
#2: Meal Prep
#3: Create a weekly workout schedule you can stick to.
#4: Do the work 
#5: Be consistent 
#6: Keep your body hydrated 
#7: Do the work 

Disappointed? No worries you are not alone. Most people want a quick fix and truth be told quick fixes lead to longer setbacks (trust me I know!) If you allow yourself to be bamboozled by the media "hype" you will forever be chasing your tail. 

Remember if something promises you quick or instant results it's part of the bedazzled bamboozle movement and I promise you it's only temporary and part of the never ending roller coaster. So avoid a disappointing 2017 and resist being bamboozled. Don't be afraid to get dirty, put in blood, sweat and tears and fight to accomplish any goal you set! You cannot cheat this game. 

Slow and steady always win the race! 

Make Your Mind Over

If you don’t change the way you think, you will never change the outcome you receive.

Have you ever set off on a new endeavor and you are feeling eager, anxious and focused on the end result? You start off with a brilliant plan. Day 1: rise, review the days to do list and start knocking things off like the beast you are. You are feeling so successful and proud. Day 14 arrives and you can’t help but feel like something is different. Today you just don’t have it in you! Today you are wondering why you set off on this journey. What were you thinking? You have 50 million things to do and this is just one more thing that slowly it finds its way to the bottom of your priority list and eventually of the list completely.

What happened here? What started off as a great idea quickly lost its value in the sea of responsibilities and obligations. We become so focused on the administrative aspects that we overlook one important step. Adjusting and acclimating our mindset to what we have plotted out. Once we set our minds on the goals we have written down then those goals remain a priority and stay in the forefront among the barrage of chaos, unforeseen occurrences and bad days.

See if we stay with a doubting mentality then of course we will never taste success! If we think the impossible is impossible guess what? It always will be! Our minds, believe it or not, dictate our outcomes. How many times have you set out to reach your fitness goals only to land in failure alley? Have you stopped to consider why?

It’s because you never adjusted your mindset before you started working towards your goal. It was cute at first and sounded good. You went ahead and purchased your gym membership, brought clean food, new kicks and gear to look cute in while working out, and then it hit you. You realized you actually had to put in consistent hard work day in and day out along with sacrifices and your mind quickly said, “Nope! Next..” Had you adjusted your mindset you would of known this road ahead was not going to be easy, there would be obstacles and roadblocks ahead, days you wanted to give up and give in and days you would slip. Had you adjusted your mindset you would have been prepared for all these woes and had a plan of attack ready in the event they reared their head.

If you are looking to change your outcomes I encourage you start today with changing your mindset. Need tips on how to do that? Check out my blog Mindless Meandering