Be Uncomfortable, It's OK

Everything that requires growth will cause some level of uncomfortableness. Some stop the minute they encounter it, others just quit altogether and there are some that slowly ease along it. 

The reality is if you run from it you are choosing a life of stagnancy and mediocrity. You are deciding that greatness is just not for you. You are telling yourself that you are not worth the the end result! Is this really what you want for yourself?

You see, if you endure the "uncomfortableness" you will elevate to new heights. You will experience self gratification and a sense of achievement. 

The key to surpassing this stage in the game is acquiring a spirit of sticktoitiveness. Stick to the plan, trust the process and do not allow yourself to be derailed!! 

These words were inspired by my current journey. It's hard at times, I want to quit and I get tired both physically and mentally however the end result is something I crave with all of me. I see my goal so clearly and its within reach only if I do not give into the uncomfortableness and push pass this stage. 

I salute all those reaching for higher limits and pushing pass the pain and the uncomfortableness and fighting to reach your goals. May you continue to be strong and push forward! 

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