Goal Planning 2017: Be Consistent

By now everyone is awakening with zeal to attack their 2017 goals. Sadly statistics show that most people give up on their New Years Resolutions by February. Will that YOU? 

To ensure you do not fall into these statistics there are two simple things you must remember: 

1 - Create realistic and attainable goals.
2 - Be consistent 

For me personally, consistency can be a real stickler. Between working full time, Grad school, being a full time mom, blogging and coaching, life can seem to be on overload almost all the time. At times it feels like I'm running on fumes. Is this an excuse for not reaching goals? It definitely should not be! The key is balance and time management. 

I have learned that it is ok to be selfish with my time and allocate blocks of time to my priorities of the day. Time management is critical to staying consistent. As far as my fitness journey I have found it uber important to book my workout time and to stick to it! No matter what! That time has been set for ME, it's time I'm investing in becoming better, healthier and stronger and nothing can override that time. 

How can you be consistent in reaching your goals?  

1: Create a plan and a schedule 
2: Be prepared 
3: Don't give up no matter what
4: Always have a back up plan (unforeseen events happen to us all!) 
5: Remind yourself daily (preferably upon awakening) of your daily goals and the schedule you set out
6: Don't delay 

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