Don't Get Bamboozled

The time of year of reflection and projections is upon us. News Feeds and Timelines are about to be filled with grandiose plans and goals for the upcoming year.

Todays thoughts are not about how to create S.M.A.R.T goals (sorry if you were looking for real earth shattering steps to help you achieve the millions you just knew you were going to get in 2017 - keep searching the Internet it's full of that sort of content). This blog is all about saving you from crying your eyes out 12/2017 because you didn't accomplish what you claimed during the 2016 New Year New Me hype (maybe like this year.)

Whether your goal is to finally get fit and lose weight or to get rich my biggest piece of advice is not to get bamboozled

There are so many gimmicks, schemes and traps that exist today that you have to be watchful of and safeguard yourself. 

To make it easy for you, if your 2017 goal is to lose weight and get fit, tune in because I am about to share some earth shattering, life altering, fool proof advice. 


#1: Eat Clean (eat every 2.5 - 3 hrs) 
#2: Meal Prep
#3: Create a weekly workout schedule you can stick to.
#4: Do the work 
#5: Be consistent 
#6: Keep your body hydrated 
#7: Do the work 

Disappointed? No worries you are not alone. Most people want a quick fix and truth be told quick fixes lead to longer setbacks (trust me I know!) If you allow yourself to be bamboozled by the media "hype" you will forever be chasing your tail. 

Remember if something promises you quick or instant results it's part of the bedazzled bamboozle movement and I promise you it's only temporary and part of the never ending roller coaster. So avoid a disappointing 2017 and resist being bamboozled. Don't be afraid to get dirty, put in blood, sweat and tears and fight to accomplish any goal you set! You cannot cheat this game. 

Slow and steady always win the race! 

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